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About Townsmen 3

Establish prospering colonies, build mighty ships and make a fortune by trading with the Old World. New resources like rum, sugarcane and tobacco are in great over there and promise big profits for you. A good bargain or expensive presents keep the natives people in a good mood. Or give them a real hard time but whatever you decide bear always in mind your attitude towards them will influence the game. You'll become either a respected merchant or a notorious and immoral pirate - your destiny lies in your hands!

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Townsmen 3 builds on the praised and often rewarded game concept of its predecessors but also offers new possibilities and innovative features like a fast motion function or a unique fighting system with which you can now influence the outcome of a battle. Together with 'Townsmen Cards' you will be crazy about this cross-platform game concept for months, no matter if you are already an aficionado or if you are new to the amazing world of the charming Townies.